2017 Summer

Howdy everyone! Welcome to the student blog page for the Texas A&M University”s Observing the Ocean REU program!

Here’s whats in store:

Glider Cruise in the Gulf of Mexico aboard R.V. Pelican

Learning Ocean Observing techniques

Research projects with Oceanography Faculty at Texas A&M University

Final Symposium, present your research and compete for a travel grant to a National/International Scientific Conference (AGU, ALSO, ASM, AMS….)

What our 2016 Alumni are doing:


Winner of Best Student Presentation for 2016

Veronica De Pascuale
Junior, Oberlin College

Veronica will received a travel award that helped fund her travel to the 2017 ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting in Honolulu, HI to present her research:

Quantification of functional genes for hydrocarbon degradation in microbial communities in coastal water mesocosms


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