Welcome 2019 REU students!


Welcome our 2019 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU): Observing the Ocean students.

REU students will participate in a 10-week summer program focusing on innovative ocean observing technologies to address issues facing the coastal oceans, such as hypoxia, harmful algal blooms, ocean acidification and pollution. Students will work with faculty and staff mentors in laboratories and on seagoing projects to acquire the analytical skills for multidisciplinary oceanographic research.

REU 2019 Recruiting Video

Undergraduates from throughout the U.S. are invited to apply to the “Observing the Ocean” Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) summer program, hosted by Texas A&M Oceanography and Geochemical & Environmental Research Group, and funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Application deadline is fast approaching – Feb. 19 !!
Please watch the awesome video of our REU program and visit the official website and REU blog for details on this 10-week, interdisciplinary program:


Award of NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Congratulations to 2016 REU Alumni Nate Lanning for winning one of the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowships.

The title of Nate’s GRFP Fellowship is “Heavy metal bioremediation by bloom forming Ulva in Long Island Sound.”

Nate will be joining Dr. Jess Fitzsimmon’s laboratory at Texas A&M University, as a graduate student in Fall 2018.

2017-0301-Nate Lasnning_ASLO posterNate Lanning at the 2017 ASLO meeting presenting his REU research (Photo courtesy of Dr. Lisa Campbell)

REU Reunion at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

Dr. Lisa Campbell have reunited our former REU alumni at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting at Portland, Oregon: Veronica De Pascuale and Nate Lanning (summer 2016) and Charles Holmes, Cassidy Gonzales-Morabito and Lauren Castanon (summer 2017).

Charles and Nate are both joining the Department of Oceanography as graduate student in Fall 2018.


Group photo of all REU alumni with Dr. Lisa Campbell at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting. From left to right, Veronica De Pascuale, Nate Lanning, Dr. Lisa Campbell, Charles Holmes, Lauren Castanon, and Cassidy Gonzales-Morabito at the front (Photo by Dr. Lisa Campbell)

Hearty Congratulations to Lauren Castanon (REU alumni of 2017)

Our former REU student Lauren Castanon from summer 2017 was awarded the prestigious Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship (http://www.noaa.gov/office-education/hollings-scholarship) by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This is a 2-year award to support her tuition and summer research.

LaurenCastanon2.jpgLauren Castanon presenting her summer 2017 research at 2018 Ocean Science Meeting (Photo by Dr. Lisa Campbell)

2017 Summer


Our 2017 REU students aboard the R/V Pelican for their research cruise


Photo Courtesy of Dr. Darren Henrichs

What our 2016 Alumni are doing:


Winner of Best Student Presentation for 2016

Veronica De Pascuale
Junior, Oberlin College

Veronica will received a travel award that helped fund her travel to the 2017 ASLO Aquatic Sciences meeting in Honolulu, HI to present her research:

Quantification of functional genes for hydrocarbon degredation in microbial communities in coastal water mesocosms

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