Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you are accepted:

NetID’s through the university are your student identification, and they are used for your PROFESSIONAL email. So please make them appropriate. We recommend first initial followed by your last name. (E.g. McKensie Daugherty -> mdaugherty@tamu.edu)

Selective Service

Texas A&M requires that you prove that you have registered for selective service if you are a male 18yrs or older. This can be done once you are a registered student with a NetID. Go to the Howdy portal to the “My Finances” Tab and click “Financial Aid Portal”. This should direct you to their site that has a marked area telling you to click a link for Selective Service. Follow all instructions. If you fail to fill this out, payments could be delayed.

GERG address:

833 Graham Rd, College Station, TX 77845

Is there a dress-code?

Yes, you must have long pants and close-toed shoes to work in the laboratories. This is mandatory across all mentors and projects.

There is also a presentation of your research at the end of the program, so we recommend bringing a set of business attire (slacks, blouse/shirt, etc.). Whatever is comfortable and professional for you.

Should I bring my car?

We recommend bringing a car if possible, stores and activities are not within walking distance. We do offer once a week rides to the grocery store, and there are bus routes from campus so cars are not a necessity.

How does parking work?

Parking at the STACK is provided at their location. Because the housing is directly across campus, parking on the main campus is not necessary, and parking at the GERG facility is open. However, monthly parking permits may be purchased at the student’s discretion at parking.tamu.edu if students prefer parking on campus.

Do I have to be available for the entire program?

Yes! You must be available for the entire program to attend, there are mandatory events every week.

Do I have to stay in the housing provided?

Yes, you must stay in the housing provided. This gives students the opportunity to bond and work with their colleagues and have a central location for transportation.

What do I need to bring?

The housing at the STACK is furnished except for dishes and linens, so plan to purchase those here or bring them with you. A laptop is also very important, if you do not have one please contact us immediately to resolve the problem.

What will I need for the Glider cruises?

Summers in Texas are very sunny and hot. Please bring close-toed shoes (this is absolutely required by the boat), a hat, plenty of water, sunglasses, sunscreen, and snacks.

What about health insurance?

Texas A&M University can provide health insurance coverage for the summer program for  the 10 week program at a cost of 50 dollars, to be purchased at the student’s discretion. It is NOT covered by the REU program. Information on coverage and purchasing can be found here: tamu.myahpcare.com

STACK Housing Arrival

When you arrive, please go directly to the front office of the STACK and tell them you are with the Oceanography REU and you are moving in. They should give you the key and direct you to your apartment. If you have any questions during this process please call the STACK at (979) 314-7665. If you expect to have any issues arriving during their operating hours please email us ASAP so we can resolve this. Please take note of the apartment’s condition when you arrive, as you will be personally responsible for any damages/lost keys.