2016 Alumni

Alexander Pappas
 Junior, University of Texas

alex good

Hypoxia on the Texas shelf

Andrew Pressly
Senior, University of Tampa

Andrew copy

Spatial analysis of freshwater stratification and hypoxia on the Texas continental shelf

Ashley Davis
Sophomore, University of South Carolina


Characterization of carbonate saturation horizons near deep-sea coral beds in the northwestern Hawaiian island chain

Chase Martin
Junior, Texas A&M University

Chase copy

Modeling and analysis of mooring/buoy design for upper Kuroshio current

Heath Goertzen
Sophomore, Bethel College Newton

Heath copy
Methane production in incubations from the lower oceanic crust

Mandy Frazier
 Senior, University of Miami


Contamination of the benthic marine ecosystem: McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Nathan Lanning
 Junior, University of New Haven


Size partitioning of trace metal micronutrients in the western Arctic ocean

Priscilla Flores
Freshman, Houston Community College


Population growth rate of Tripos furca in the Gulf of Mexico: Understanding the dynamics of Tripos furca blooms

Rayna Nolen
Senior, Colorado College

Rayna copy

Detecting chlorophyll degradation in open-ocean and coastal phytoplankton communities that are exposed to treatments of oil and oil dispersant

Veronica De Pascuale
Junior, Oberlin College


Quantification of functional genes for hydrocarbon degradation in microbial communities in coastal water mesocosms